One very rare Panzir-2 PU   Bunker made of metal tubes 
Inside measure: 40 x 5,0 x 4,3 m (long, wide, high)

GRANIT-2    Nuclear  bunkers  From the mid-1970s Three Fighter Regiments of Frontal Aviation in Eastern Europe where known to have had a dual nuclear capability . These units constantly had nuclear weaponry stored at their bases. Stargard in Poland, Milovice in Czechoslovakia and Kiskunlachaza in Hungary all had Granit-2 bunkers that allowed the storage of nuclear weapons 




There is a ghost town in Milovice, 30 km from the capital, Prague. 
Milovice consists of four parts and two of them, Milovice-Mladá and 
Milovice-Boží Dar, were occupied by Soviet soldiers and their families. 
These two parts were abandoned in 1990-1991 
The population was about 20,000. Nowadays Mladá, the central part of 
Milovice, is being rebuilt and many young people live there. Boží Dar, as 
well as the nearby airport, is totally abandoned.








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