Ammonition Works/ Depot

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On August 14th 1977, at about 2pm, a catastrophe took place in an ammunition depot of the Soviet troops stationed in Dannenwalde, East Germany.
It is believed that lightning struck in a stack of 122-mm Katyusha rockets (which are used on the world's most widely used multiple-launch
rocket system BM-21).
Because of the lightning the stored missiles were inflamed, which also set  other ammunition on fire.

Thus, the solid rocket motors wer
e activated, after which they started uncontrollably. The exact number of the ignited rockets is not known but is probably at least a thousand.
The rockets flew up to a radius of 20 kms and landed in severeal villages located in this area. Because the ignition of all rockets were removed the missiles did not explode but there was much damage due to their impacts.
The inhabitants of Dannenwalde fled from the place. An ammunitiontrain, parked outside the gate of the base, could still be shunted to a safe area by railroadworkers. If it would have exploded the disaster would have been a lot worse in Dannenwalde! For several hours there were uncontrolled explosions and rocket launches. The explosions ended at about 7.45pm
The exact circumstances are still being kept secret and the number of deaths is still not known and it is estimated 50-300 deaths
After the withdrawal of Soviet troops more than 200 rockets were found buried during a cleanup in 2002.
Today still an unknown quantity of ammunition can be found in the bottom of the former military site.
Since the Russian armed forces have imposed a 40-year secrecy access to the records is not possible until 2017.



Ammonition Works/ Depot





Ammonition Works/ Depot





Ammonition Works/ Depot













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